Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nov, Dec 2010

Bullet points ok? I hope so, because I'm behind on this post and wanna get it done with already!

  • counts to 10
  • calls herself 'Mina' not Mimi, and wants to do stuff on her own "Big Girl Mina do"
  • starts singing songs, usually the kukuburra song
  • can identify the letters in her name and sings the ABC's
  • still nursing, but not as often. start weaning at night.
  • celebrate Thankgiving in La Jolla at The Lodge at Torrey Pines
  • visit San Diego Wild Animal Park

  • Gram visit!
  • lots of singing, adds Jungle Book songs to her repertoire
  • more adventurous at playgrounds, masters walking up slides
  • after 1 month of night wean, a few bad nights and it's all over :(
  • speech continues to explode! asks "what this is?" and "what's his/her name?" and "where is this from?" all the time. she loves long multi-syllable words, such as: mismatched (missymatch) combination, comfortable, restaurant (reserant).
  • Christmas day she used her potty - pee and poop!
  • Uncle Billy visit

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