Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sept, Oct 2010

Tooth #12, bottom left molar arrived the first week of September.

Making huge strides in potty training. (sarcasm) Mina sat on the potty for the first time without a diaper and farts. No pee, no poo. Just toot.

Mina discovers peacocks at the Los Angeles Arboretum. She falls instantly in love and calls them pea-ca-cocks.

Grandpoppy came for a visit. Mina had lots of fun with him. Uncle Billy came in town for work so we got to see him as well. Mina impressed Uncle Billy by eating most of his hot link sausage when we were all out to dinner at Zekes BBQ. Mina loves to eat meat.

The following week NanaSue came to visit. Mina was temperamental the whole time, maybe because she was fighting off a cold. Although she was cranky she impressed us all by saying "I love you" on a very tough no-nap day. NanaSue babysat while Mommy + Poppy went to a wedding celebration (post-elopement party). We were gone 3 1/2 hours. Mina cried 1/2 of that time. :( Poor Mina, poor NanaSue.

Mina now has an indoor slide. She really likes slides. Yes, our house looks like a playground now.

Coloring is something Mina enjoys quite a bit. She moved from making scratchy lines to loopy circles. On a coloring page of 2 cats she scribbled/colored inside the lines of each cat. I was kinda amazed, she really did color the cats!!

Mina's favorite animals (other than Captain Henry) are birds. She pretends to fly, begs to look at pictures of birds on the computer. Mostly peacocks, of course, but she also likes to look at ducks and geese.

Poppy went out of town for a almost an entire week. We missed him. He went to Austin, TX. Mina learned to say that, too. If I asked her where Poppy was that week, she would answer "austintexas." Toddler-speak is so much fun!!!!!! By now she's actually speaking in complete sentences. Pretty cool. She's also been very loving, hugs and kisses and I love you happens often. So often we've had to teach her to ask her friends if they want a hug or kiss first otherwise she'll almost attack them with one! Hugs are sweet, but an unexpected one can knock ya over if you're little.

Another huge stride in potty-training: Mina peed in her potty... 1 droplet of pee.

We started "outside school" at the end of October. It's a mommy-led pre pre-school that we do outdoors. Crafts and books and stuff. Mina enjoys it and so do I. It's something we organized ourselves (the other Mom's and I). Oh, and Mina can now count to 5.

Halloween was fun, of course. Mina had 3 costumes. Yes, 3. The weekend before Halloween she was a Pixie/Fairie at Descanso Gardens. The Tuesday before Halloween she was a flamingo for a little celebration at the local outdoor mall. The Friday before Halloween she was a peacock. We went to Poppy's work to trick-or-treat. Mina had a great time collecting candy and Poppy taught her to say trick-or-treat. She's not a shy as she used to be and had no problem asking strangers for treats (as long as Mommy or Poppy was right next to her). She was a peacock again on Halloween. We went to our friends house for a little party. 3 toddler girls and their parents.

Big big news!! Mina slept through the entire night in her own bed without waking up. 9pm to 6am. It was like a gift. We're still nursing to sleep and back to sleep when she wakes in the night. She sleeps in her own bed, coming into our bed sometimes in the early morning...

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