Sunday, September 5, 2010

July, August

SO MUCH, SO FAST!! and so damn cute
Yikes... Starting with a few words here and there, then up to a few new words a day, Mina has begun to really talk. We tried to track them as they came tumbling out...


Mina announces when she makes a peepee. Can identify the colors red, purple, green and blue. Asks for yogurt by requesting "baby" because there is a baby on the organic plain yogurt for babies. Begins to call us by pet names: Poppy Titi and Mommy Nini. Calls herself Mimi. She starts to really play with her toy dolls/animals by wiping their butts and putting them to sleep.

The big move into The Big Girl Bed (right next to Mommy + Poppy's bed).

Words: henry, ice, happy, poppy, baby, bowl, spoon, eat, oatmeal, mommy, meow, moon (and pointed to it), who (points to owl), moo (points to cow), cold, flag, animal, pet, tea, bean, book, goat, car, cut, crow, food, shoes, socks, blueberry, popsicle, hop, cup, dirt,

Teeth #'s 8, 9 and 10. Molars - ouch. Tooth #11, front left bottom.

We went to a wedding. Mina was super cute.


The first week of the month Mina has a high fever for a few days followed by a rash... she got roseola. :( At the end of the month she has a tummy bug, vomit and diarrhea.

Words: cold, hot, cracker, box, teeth, cheese, "abcd", toes, water, faucet, have its.... At this point we can't seem to catch them and journal them fast enough. She's talking. A lot. :)

Now she strings words together... the first being "happy bowl strawberry". The following week she recounts her day for Poppy "eat Esme house. apple. cookie." Mina-speak is adorable. "Purple ducks" could mean either polka dots or porcupine.

Mina is also becoming more independent and adventuresome... She slid down the slide by herself this month while playing with Poppy at her favorite park, Big Turtle Park. She has started to ask to go to this park in a combo sign language/word sort of way. Big slurp park. (slurp = sign for turtle)

She can identify and say most of the colors now as well as the letters A, B and C.

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