Saturday, July 10, 2010

May, June 2010


May began with a visit to the pediatrician for Mina's 15 month well-baby visit. She is still in the 85th - 90th percentiles for her height, weight and head circumference. She had a DTaP vaccine and was feverish for about 5 days afterwards. Not sure if it was related to the vax since she had a slight fever of 100 when we were at the office. In retrospect we probably should have waited to do the vaccine, but we thought the fever was just teething-related and very minor.

Mina has begun to experience frustration. She either has trouble doing things by herself, or she doesn't want to do something we want her to do. This frustration usually escalates into a tantrum. Luckily she is starting to speak up. Words are coming out... interesting ones, too. Soup, scissors and broccoli.
Gram came for a visit. Mina had a wonderful time with her. We think Gram had fun, too.

The petting zoo at our local farmers market is a favorite past time for Little Miss Mina. She was a bit nervous at first, but quickly became comfortable with all the little animals. Oh, it's a small animal petting zoo. So cute!

Lots of time socializing with friends at Descanso Gardens, Mothersong and random parks.

Lots of words! Butt, pee-pee, baby, down, apple, bye-bye, strawberry, sock, please, Poppy, purple, foot, up, octopus, cookie. Her sign language vocabulary has grown as well. So exciting!!
Mina has started to tell us when she has a wet diaper!
Tooth #7, bottom right in front.
Chest cold that lasted almost an entire week. :(

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