Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2 months already?!

WOW! Time flies when you're not sleeping much... Mina is 2 months old. Over 10 lbs and 21 inches. Lots of hair. She gets cuter by the second, more adorable every day.

At about 1 month Mina hit her first puberty... well, sort of. She got BabyAcne. Ugh. It took all my willpower to keep from 'treating' it, since newborns are so sensitive I was reluctant to use anything other than a gentle baby cleanser. The acne lasted almost 2 weeks, then it turned to eczema. I used gentle baby lotion and oils (all-natural, non-mineral oil based) and tried to not pick at the flakes. Finally it all went away... now her skin is relatively bump and flake free.

Mina graduated to real baths - no more sponge baths! At first she wasn't too thrilled about them, but she got used to them quickly! I started bathing her in the kitchen sink but transitioned to the bathroom sink, which is easier. For now - she will soon outgrow our tiny bathroom sink. After her baths we follow up with a massage, like a real spa treatment. Oh! At about 6 weeks Mina's hair began to curl when wet. It's kinda funky and wavy when dry, at least for a day. With all the petting, our oily hands end up straightening and flattening out her 'do.

We've taken her out to eat regularly. Usually she sleeps quietly while we enjoy a meal. Hope this lasts. :)

Mina has had lots of visitors since her 1 month birthday. She puts on a happy face for company most of the time, but sometimes she just doesn't feel social and will fuss. She loves to be outdoors so we try and take a walk every day. Usually in the stroller because the vibrations lull her to sleep. She gets carried in the sling daily - around the house and sometimes on quick errands. She is happy when we wear her...most of the time.

Mina's Gram visited from Florida at 7 weeks. We all had a lovely time. Gram babysat twice - once so Mommy & Poppy could get Thai Massages and the other so we could have a dinner date. We missed Mina but enjoyed having a bit of time to ourselves. :) With Gram we went out to eat, shopped, walked and visited Descanso Gardens. Gram cooked yummy and healthy food and helped with Mina. Quite a few times she sat and held Mina close while she slept in her arms, but that peace was balanced by the times she held and soothed her while she was fussing. The cats were happy to have someone to sleep with and hang out with, since we're too busy with the baby to give them the attention they're used to.

Mina is taking to the bottle well too. Gram and Poppy have each fed the baby girl twice since our last update. These is great as it gives Mommy's food bags a much needed break.


Baby Acne/eczema 4 - 7 weeks
Mina follows movement with her eyes focused - 6 weeks
Mina follows movement with her eyes & head - 7 weeks
Mina watches her b&w mobile and garden - 7 weeks
Lots of smiles
Legs are strong, she stands with support for a short while - 7 weeks
Mina recognized Mommy and smiled at her - 8 weeks

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