Sunday, April 26, 2009

12 weeks

It's been a great few weeks. Mina has started to really show her personality and is more aware of us. She smiles and giggles with us (or maybe at us) and it's the most wonderful thing to experience. Tonite she was smiling at herself - G. was holding her up to a mirror and she thought the little baby in the mirror was super cute.

Ok, so big news: Nicole (good friend/sister in Florida) gave birth to her daughter Hazel on March 30th. Hazel was 9 lbs and 21". It's very exciting to have good friends with children of the same age as Mina. I feel lucky with that, even if some of those friends are far away....

1 week later at our pediatrician's office Mina weighed in at 12.4 lbs and 23 3/4". Here are her stats:
50th percentile for height
90th percentile for weight (oink)
75th percentile for head size (big brain, smarty)

Nana Sue came to visit us for a week in the begining of April. It was wonderful to have help around the house again. Mina enjoyed her 1st long car ride (2+ hrs) when Nana Sue & I went to visit cousin Allison in La Jolla. Allison is expecting twins, a boy and a girl, in June. She looks great and I'm thrilled that Mina will have cousins (or is it second cousins?) her own age that live fairly close.

Mina had her first Real Bath in the bathtub with mommy at approx 10 weeks old. She had fun and so did Mommy. Since then she's only had Real Baths, both with Mommy and Poppy. She's been sleeping like an angel since about 2 months old, with the exception of a growth spurt and a few off nights. She usually sleeps for 3 or 4 hours, wakes up with a wet diaper then goes back to sleep. I'm nursing her in the bed which helps us all sleep more soundly. She's so cute - when she's hungry she knocks her head against my breast to wake me. We've begun doubling her cloth diapers at night to make things even easier for all of us. :)

Easter was spent at Griffith Park. It was a lovely day for a picnic, we all had fun. Mommy & Poppy snuck some Sauvignon Blanc in a baby bottle since alcohol isn't allowed in the park.

The day after Easter our littlest cat, Littlelittles, made The Big Escape. He fell thru the window while climbing the screen and we've not seen him since. Very sad. The other 2 cats miss him terribly and so do we.

Since I've been walking so frequently with Mina a new stroller was in order. Poppy got us the Uppababy Vista which looks great and performs beautifully. It's the Audi of strollers. :)

My 40th birthday was April 22nd (also Earth Day) and to celebrate my friend Shawn took me to lunch and then we all went to Descanso Gardens. Mina slept thru the whole garden adventure, so Shawn and I hunted faeries without her. It was a lovely day. Poppy and I went back to Descanso a few days later and this time Mina was awake to enjoy the roses and faeries.


Mina has head and neck control
More smiles and cute behavior
She has started to drool and make spittle bubbles
Mina sleeps more consistently at night (yipee!)

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