Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mina's third and fourth weeks

I realize that I failed to mention something about Mina and the breech position thing. When she was delivered the surgeon said that there was nothing preventing her from turning to the optimal position for vaginal birth, the placenta and cord were not in her way. So she was determined to arrive via the window and not the door. Headstrong little duckling!

Week 3: The week began with a fussy Mina and a huge spit-up. The Big Spitupski. Actually a vomit, and all over me. The first of many. We went to the pediatrician the following day, all is well with our girl. Normal, normal, normal. The umbilical stump came off there at the office, and of course we saved it. After we left the dr. we were starving so we took Mina along to grab a bite to eat. Very exciting, her first restaurant outing. She went out for dinner again a few days later. Mina loves being worn in the Moby Wrap. I wore her for an hour in Target and she was a doll. The week ended with another fussy day and night, but this time with a huge appetite. A growth spurt.

<--- In the Target parking lot wearing Mina in the Moby Wrap.

<---- Mina had on these cute booties that I made with a vintage pattern my friend Amber gave me.

Week 4:
:( G went back to work this week. So sad. We miss him. Mina still fussy so I decide to ease up on dairy consumption. This will be difficult, even though I was vegan before getting pregnant, because I love cheese. Cow's milk is known to irritate babies, even filtered through mama. I used our breast pump for the first time this week and G got to feed Mina from a bottle. He loved it, and so did she. We started wearing Mina in the ring sling and the mai tei baby slings.

Mina had many visitors this week, we finally felt ready to meet the world. Mina had met a few folks already, but this was the official opening of the doors. She was good with everyone, except on Friday when she was fussy all day long. Kelly came over then. It was nice to have someone else there to distract me while Mina was fussing. Claudia was in town visiting from Atlanta, it was great that she could come see us and meet Mina. Here she is with me, Mina (in ring sling) and Cheryl.

<------ Here is Mina all cozy against Poppy in her BabyHawk Mei Tei sling.

As I read over this it sounds like all Mina did was fuss for 2 weeks, and that's totally not true. She was only fussy for like 3 days, and only one day for the entire day. Overall she is a mellow baby. It's getting easier now that we have a better grasp of her language. We know which cry is for boob juice and which is for soiled diaper - and if it's not one of those it's just a cry to be held. Mina is officially 1 month old! Here are the milestones of the past 2 weeks:
  • Umbilical stump fell off. I saved it in a ziplock bag.
  • 2 restaurant outings
  • 2 walks in the neighborhood with Mommy on her own. Mina in stroller.
  • Mina's eyes now follow us, she watches our faces intently. She is also starting to pay attention to her black and white mobile and book.
  • Baby acne has struck. :( My fault - my hormones.
  • Mina also has little boobies and is sort of lactating. Again, my fault - my hormones.

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