Saturday, August 27, 2011

june - aug 2011


Yes, after 27 months of nursing Mimi has finally given up the "Bobbies." It was a gradual thing, and the clincher was one day when she said "Bobbies are for babies" and I confirmed that indeed, they were. She never turned back.
Mimi started dance class this month and loves it. She spends much of her time running around in circles and staring at herself in the mirror. Can't blame her, she's dang cute in her tutu and leotard.

She had an issue with fear for about a week or so... "rocks have faces" is what she would say, then cry and need much soothing. We never did figure out what her comment referred to.

Lots of emotional tantrums, needs to hold the Bobbies and needs lots of Mommy. We began reading books about emotions and have tried to help her identify her emotional distress after the tantrum happens.

Pretend play has started! She has a pretend cat on the end of a purple shoelace named Simba and a baby named Baby July who is growing in her bellybutton. She also initiates pretend train rides to all sorts of places (especially restaurants that serve potatoes).
Mimi started to request to stay home all day. Often. And shes started to drop her afternoon naps. Yikes.
Oxnard beach trip! Mimi's first real beach experience. It was super fun... Overcast when we first arrived, so she played with Poppy on the pirate ship themed playground. The sun eventually broke thru the marine layer and we headed down to the beach. She plopped right down and started scooping sand - in her dress and socks! Eventually we got a swim suit on her and Poppy showed her how to play in the waves.

She has a new imaginary friend, Baby Bird. She dresses him/her (Baby Bird is a bit tricky). She also discovers Dora the Explorer via her Leap Pad. Dora also becomes a fun imaginary friend to play with and dress up. She dresses her friends by laying out her clothes in a neat stack on the floor - panties 1st, then leggings, shirt, socks, shoes.

More staying in all day. Which is kinda ok since it's a hot summer. Luckily I persuaded her to leave the house a few times, since our friends were visiting from New Orleans. We went to Disneyland with them and had a great time. Then Mimi fell ill on the way home. She had a cold that lingered for 2 weeks.

We went on a family vacation to San Diego. Our landlord had to do a termite treatment beneath the house and suggested we leave for a few days. So we put Luna and Captain Henry up at the cat hotel and headed south. San Diego was lovely, such perfect weather. We went to Sea World and Historic Point Loma for the touristy stuff and spent the rest of the time chilling out at the hotel and the pool (and hot tub - Mimi loved it). Mimi was super attached to Poppy the whole trip which was a wonderful thing for Mommy to watch. :) Unfortunately, we cut the trip a bit short due to a rattle in Mimi's chest and Mommy getting a nasty crink in her neck.
Mimi got tooth #18, bottom molar.

Breakthrough: Mimi asked to fall asleep with Poppy. For the first time since she could tell the difference between Mommy and Poppy! Must have been all the time they spent together during the week Greg had off.

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