Monday, December 28, 2009

months 9 and 10

Sorry it's taken so long for us to update the family blog. We've been busy.

The boxes have been unpacked, closets have been organized (almost) and we've settled in nicely here at our new home on The Hill. Now that Mina is walking I'm so grateful for the extra space and open-ness of the house. I can't imagine her trying to walk and navigate the clutter of the apartment. We don't spend much time in the backyard, but that will change come Spring. I'm anxious to plant some herbs and maybe tomatoes or peppers.

Here's a recap:

Month 9 (November)

Mina had her 9 month well-baby visit. All went well & she got a DTaP vaccine (which left a little bruise on her thigh for at least 2 weeks).

weight: 20.14 lbs 85th%
height: 28.5" 75th%
head: 46.5 cm 95th%

On her 9 month birthday Mina started walking by herself with the push-toy, a lovely wooden thing that resembles a lawnmower with ducks on it. It's noisy and fun. Lots of mowing and pushing things around. She eventually started pushing my yarn basket around, too. Hand clapping is a fun trick she learned this month, it makes us all smile.

Aunt Danielle from San Francisco came for a visit. She was the first houseguest at the new place and we all had a nice time. Lots of shopping and eating! Mina will come to you when called or beckoned with a finger signal. Crawling, of course.

We celebrated Thanksgiving at Kenne & Kristen's loft downtown. Mina ate sweet potatoes, played with Magda & Lucius (bow wow) and took her first steps!!! She loves her stuffed animal friend "Kissy" the Kissasaurus green dinosaur. She gives it kisses. When you sign or say "book" Mina will bring a book to you. She will also find things if you ask where they are (Kissy, Captain Henry, etc).

10 months

Lots of walking, by the end of the month she's wandering around from room to room!
Mina said her first word - "PAPA" to her Poppy at the beginning of the month. She says MAMA when she's upset, but usually there is a bit of whine and fuss along with it. PAPA was said directly to Poppy with a smile and point. Speaking of pointing, Mina points at everything she finds interesting. It's fun to watch her direct Poppy while he is holding her... like she's driving him around.

Of course Mina loves all the holiday decor. Twinkle lights make her point and smile. We took her to the LA DWP light festival. It was cold and rainy, but she liked it. :) Mina started waving at stuff, waving Hello and Goodbye, waving at the cats, waving at pictures of cats in her books. The waving started off as a flapping motion, very large movement using her entire arm... it's gotten a bit more sedate now, just a wrist-flap now. So cute.

After 2 weeks of fuss Mina finally got a top tooth. Yay for teething biscuits. All she wants to eat this month are cheerios or teethers. She likes to share them and will even feed Poppy or Mommy a cheerio! She does practice eating with her own spoon and likes to practice feeding us with it, too. We did get her to taste a pickle and nibble on an apple slice...

Christmas was quiet and lovely. Mina enjoyed opening her gifts, of which there were plenty. She is a well-loved (read: spoiled) child! We are grateful for our generous and loving family and friends. Mina loves all the holiday cards we received... they are strewn all over the house, wrinkled and creased with a few drool marks. The photo cards are well kissed, although her favorite photos to handle and kiss are ones of herself. Of course - who could blame her? She's so damn cute. :)

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