Sunday, November 8, 2009

Month 8

October was a crazy month for the Windy Family... with the baby crawling and all, we just needed more space. So we moved. Moving with an 8 month old is not easy, needless to say we are still unpacking boxes and nesting. The new place is lovely, a Spanish Revival home on a hill with a lovely fairy garden terraced backyard and pretty sunset views of Griffith Park.

Mina had her first cold this month. Poor dear. She woke at 3am one night with a fever, and had that fever on and off the whole day along with a runny nose and sneezes. Poppy called her Oogie Boogie. Luckily it was a Saturday, so Poppy was here. We gave her lots of love, attention, boob juice and water. It was hard for us to see her feeling crappy, her energy level was so different and her eyes were just sad and tired. She was better the next day. (It took Mommy a week to kick the cold/flu, and Poppy had a touch of it for a while as well.)

Just after the Oogie Boogie spell we had lots of exciting developmental leaps. First, Mina learned how to bend her knees. Squat-to-sit, squat-to-stand. Her bum was taking a LOT of abuse since before she figured out the knee bend she would fall straight legged from a standing position to sit on her butt. Ouchie. A few days later she was walking while holding Mommy's hands or with her duckie push toy. She's so proud of herself every time she walks, it's the sweetest thing to see.

Still no more teeth. We expect those top chompers any day now. Feeding has been hit or miss. She likes to eat her healthy Cheerios knock-offs and will sometimes gobble down pureed foods. Other times she just locks her lips and turns her head away from foods. But she loves to play with the baby utensils. Her sippy cup of water is a favorite item, luckily. And she still nurses on demand.

Her eyes are still sparkling blue, her hair still curly and a lovely golden light brown.

OH! Halloween! Mina's first Halloween was fun for Mommy & Poppy, a bit overwhelming for the baby. Friday the 30th Mommy dressed her up in a costume she had made and brought her to Poppy's work for trick-or-treating. All the people and all the stuff and cubicles and newness kinda freaked her out. But she looked adorable!

Halloween Day was actually a big errand day, since we had really just moved into the new house. Baby Miss Mina still dressed up in costume, though. Another handmade costume, this time a faerie.

Since we're a bit late posting this we can include the stats from Mina's 9-month well baby pediatrician visit:

Height: 28.5", 75th percentile
Weight: 20 lbs 14 ozs, 85th percentile
Head Size: 46.5 cm, 95th percentile

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