Monday, February 9, 2009

The Birth Story, pt. 2

Ok, so where were we? Ah... The Birth!

She was delivered without a hitch. I didn't see her immediately but heard her beautiful little voice. G cut the umbilical cord. As typical for a breech baby her legs were up in the air, ankles by ears for a while. We requested they not bathe her and to leave the vernix on her skin. It's supposed to be very good for the skin, so of course I was all for leaving it on!

By the time I saw her she was all swaddled up like a burrito with a pink and blue cap on her head. And amazingly precious. The first thing G said was that her ears were kind of funny, one of them was my ear and the other was his ear! (My ears are tiny and the top edges are rough and unfinished, do not roll over. G's are normal and larger.) At this point things are hazy... I don't know how long we were there in the OR with her while they put me back together because G & I were floating on a cloud with our darling little girl in our arms. G's arms, kind of placed by my left shoulder.

Eventually we went back to that same room where it all began to recover and wait for a real room in the post partum wing.

Mina was placed on my chest, bare skin to bare skin, and she slowly but steadily found her way to my left breast and started nursing. It was so cool - our doula told us it would happen like that, newborn instinct to find the food source.

Again, more haziness. Heavenly haziness!! Maybe G can add more to this.... I do remember the time after the delivery being the most difficult for me. You're not allowed to drink any liquids for a long time, and there were no liquids allowed for 6 hours prior to surgery either, it was hard for me to be so damn thirsty. When they did allow liquids it was in a teasing fashion - only ice chips. ACK! Gradually they allow liquid, but not too much too soon for fear of vomit. I complained a lot during this thirsty phase.

When we finally got to the post partum room (it was a busy birthing weekend at UCLA) we were welcomed with a cheerful message on the wall. We stayed at the hospital for 2 nights. Our nurses were all very nice and very different. UCLA is a teaching hospital so we were attended by many people, at times this became quite tedious and frustrating. The food was pretty gross. There is a self-serve snack room in the post-partum wing called the Nourishment Center. Funny name, the only stuff available was fruit juices, ice cream, pudding, sherbet, apple sauce and coffee. Oh yeah, also white saltine crackers and graham crackers. I ate this stuff. Craved the ice cold apple sauce and enjoyed apple juice as well as grape juice. Sugar overload!

G remained with me the entire time, which was amazing. There was a narrow but long day bed/sofa by the window in our room which is where he napped. I do not say sleep, because we only rested when we could... not for long periods of time. And not necessarily due to the baby, more due to the parade of residents and nurses visiting us constantly. Checking my vitals or baby's vitals or asking questions like: "are you sleeping?"

Our doula encouraged G to wear Mina in our Moby Wrap sling, which she took to immediately. (I can't wait to start wearing her myself, but need to allow my zipper to fully heal before I do that.)

Our recovery was swift and we were allowed early departure. :) Oh, and the details. Apgar scores were high, hearing and all the other tests normal. She was 7 lbs. 19.5 inches at birth. If I can think of more stuff I will update. Right now I feel a bit frazzled, but wanted to complete this! Hopefully G can add more as well, since he was slightly more coherent than I was during the whole adventure.

By the way, Mina's ears are cute and adorable and not strange. Mommy's ear is the left ear, Poppy's ear is on the right. She is absolutely perfect.

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