Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mr. Bubbles the Shadow

Last week we offered to foster a kitten. Kitten-sit. He was rescued from a tree with 2 other kittens and was in a holding pattern waiting to be neutered and vaccinated before being officially available for adoption.

We understood the risk we were taking. Sure, we were just going to kitten-sit.

G. works with the gal who rescued the kitties. She didn't really force Mr. Bubbles on us, just like your friends don't really force you to have that last drink. So anyway, he arrived about a week ago and scared the daylights out of Captain Henry. Mr. Bubbles slept in the bed with us the first night, and has ever since. After that first night Captain Henry got over his fears and now the two boys are fast friends. Luna could care less, indifferent as usual.

Mr. Bubbles follows Captain Henry around constantly, so the name Shadow just makes sense. We really call him littlelittles right now, because he is exactly that. Tiny! Approximately 10 weeks old. Time came to make the decision whether we would keep him forever or pass him on to another family. Poor little fella, he's been all over the place in his short life so far... it just makes sense to keep him here with us where he is comfortable and happy!

So... introducing the newest member of our family,
Mr. Bubbles the Shadow (littlelittles)

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